About Us

Welcome to Let's Do Dish!. We started this project mainly out of frustration with many of recipe sites out there that are full of so many ads, annoying popups, long irrelevant articles, re-directions, etc... We decided to make our own site to share our favorite recipes and provide a simple, delightful user experience. While we will have some banner ads and links to other sites (such as Amazon), those things should never interfere with a user's ability to interact with the content they're interested in.

We have a few key principles that drive the design and content of Let's Do Dish:

  • Minimal use of advertisements, and they should never be mixed in with the primary content
  • Site should provide a single search field that allows the user to search for recipes via any keyword or category
  • All recipes are presented in the same format
  • All recipes feature a short (about 1 minute) video showing the cooking process
  • All recipe steps start with a verb, and are 1-2 sentences. That is each step is a single step
  • Except for product links, we will never use links that sneakily/surprisingly route you to some other site.
  • Each recipe will have a simplified printable view option

We're still in the very early stages in this project - the site just officially launched in October 2018! We'll be adding more recipes every week and keep improving the site regularly, so keep coming back and follow us on Twitter:@letsdodish. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us an email at admin@letsdodish.com